TALK BRANSON TO ME  Before traveling, it's always a good idea to brush up on the local language. That's why we created a Duolingo course that familiarized people with the Branson basics.
   BRANSON MY RIDE   One of the many luxurious features of staying at Virgin Hotels is being chauffeured in their Tesla house car. Instead of simply sharing this fact on our social channels, we partnered with Uber and brought the people uberBranson. For the same price as an uberPOOL, you could test drive the Virgin Hotel experience.
   ANTIQUING  If you're an eccentric billionaire, everything's for sale (extremely rare artifacts included). As a stunt, we placed price tags on dinosaur skeletons and other priceless artifacts in natural history museums.
   DIY ISLAND  To help our audience get into the Billionaire headspace, we offered them the opportunity to design a private island of their very own. People were directed to this page held on Virgin Hotel’s site through sponsored social posts.
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