BRB, GONE GUERILLA  To get the word out, we placed mysterious "invites" in cabs & ride shares.
  We also covered target neighborhoods with stickers. We knew we had gained traction when we were  awarded a   Cease & Desist       Order   from the city.
  We took to crowded parks during lunch hour and left trails of women’s work clothes suggesting the superhero-like transformation that takes you from your   9-5   to   305   self. Onlookers stopped in their tracks to snapchat and Instagram.
  We graffitied popular running paths (aka 305's "competition") with chalk spray.
  We also launched a city-wide search to locate  the other you . (Hint: she’s waiting at 305.)
   TRANSFORMATION STATION  We brought the campaign to life with a pop-up  Transformation Station  where we hosted free makeovers to bring out people's other selves. To make this happen on our tight budget, we rented a moving truck that we parked in front of the studio (a little pink turf and fake flowers go a long way).
   TEXT SUPPORT  To engage with the audience we built on Instagram, we offered up highly sought after Text Support from their alter egos. While we can't share the participation here due to the personal nature of the advice, people were really into it.
   IN-STUDIO LAUNCH PARTY  The campaign culminated in a weekend-long party, hosted at both NYC locations.
  We worked with an artist to create this front desk painting; we helped decorate the studio; we created special edition apparel; and we helped curate and style talent.
  We teased the campaign by renaming classes (see right screen).
  We renamed our clients to reflect their alter-egos, and snapped before-and-after  polaroids to show “the other you” transformation.
  We also invited clients to write letters of advice to their future selves from their alter egos.
  Our audience was really able to connect with the campaign. Here is some unsolicited feedback we received.
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