Figuring out what happened after a night out with friends is today's version of a murder mystery. Except instead of finger prints and murder weapons, the evidence of what happened lives on our phones.
  So we designed a game that replaces phone screens with playing cards, staying true to our mobile-addicted audience, while giving them a chance to unplug.
 The objective of the game is to figure out last night's fictional sequence of events (Person, Place, and Mayhem) before players run out of  battery lives .
  Here's a closer look at  Person ,  Place , and  Mayhem  cards.
Person Card
Place Card
Mayhem Card
   In order to figure out what happened last night, players work together to interpret clue cards handed to them by another player: the silent but omniscient  Eye Cloud .
 Clue cards parody Snapchats, Venmo receipts, and phone contacts. All the images used in the clue cards were acquired during a night out for "research and development."
Clue Cards
 To launch  What Happened Last Night , we'll partner with diners where groups of friends are already rehashing their nights, over hash browns.
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